Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Management Part 5 - general

Your Department Overview
You are always likely to be the lead
Notice the dates
Look at how many Consultants there are in the department and if this is right for CEM guidance
Prepare a one liner about the department eg TU med
Always then do a shift walk / speak to SpR / NIC
Comment on anything that is abnormal
If you are running late, ask the day registrar to ring the night registrar
If you delegate say you will be available all the time so anyone can work under my direct supervision
Always signpost your diary - say I will deal with the urgent things first...
Always be prepared to cancel things in your diary eg. the drains if there's a majax
Don't say juniors - say medical or nursing staff

If there's targets, look at how far through the year we are and how close to target we are
If there's name and shame state this is a dysfunctional department
If there's audits, look at who does the audit
If they mention patient details, do you have enough identifiers?

Look at who they came from and when
The CEO is automatically important
Always look at who is CC'd
Bring in comissioning

You can't discipline Nurses
Matron can't discipline medics

FY2 teaching
Look at who is staffing the department

Reference Request
We must have known for 36 months
Find out who was supervisor
Review appraisals
Assume it was you that you were their supervisor
Give an accurate reference

Incident Forms
Say that all incident forms will be appropriately assigned. From this report, it would not be assigned to me but if it was... ...

Always mention teaching - mention the teaching programme/ induction. If the FY2s are at teaching, who is running the department.
Look at the topics - if there is something like "foolish mistakes by patients" state that this is degrading.

Late Night Swaps
State it is against policy
But that you would try to help
Remind people on induction of the policy, and resend policy.

Forging Signatures
Locum agency to investigate
?Signature record with the secretaries
Say the locum isn't coming back

Medication Shortage
Shortage does not = gone
Can we stockpile
Keep pharmacy link in the loop
Email / poster in the back of the loo
Tell Nurses there is a shortage
Physically stick the sign in the resus cupboard

Bomb Threat
Gather some information - is it real?
Escalate to all co-located services - NIC, duty manager.
State there is a policy
Police liason officer

Doctor being bullyed
Bullying policy
Phone the doctor
Time of shift swapping
Having worked with these 2 FY2s I will have an awareness of their characteristics...
Sisters is a Nursing Issue
Get a copy of the notes, add my notes. Store in "incidents file"

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