Friday, 7 October 2016

Management Part Two - Disciplinary and Policies

·         Warnings
·         Verbal
·         Written
·         HR issues

• Grievance is an ‘Employee’s complaint’ against management.
• Discipline is a ‘Management’s complaint’ against an employee.

Clinical Issues
- Follow Trainee in Difficulty advice
- NCAS involvement may be necessary 
- An informal route may be decided on 
      Retraining, re-skilling, e.g. workshops, e-learning, 
      Counselling, rehabilitation, e.g. NHS Practitioner Health Programme
      Supervision or development support programme e.g. supervised practice, formative work-based assessments 
       Mentoring or coaching, career guidance
- If needs investigating medical director appoints case investigator. 
- Complete within four weeks 
- If need formal capability hearing, need 20 days notice, 2 members of trust board and one practitioner from outside the Trust. Advice from HR, senior Clinician from outside the trust.
-  Outcomes could be agreement for improvement, formal written warning, final written warning or dismissal. Dismissal needs to be reported to the GMC. 

Referral to the GMC
a. The doctor’s ill health is posing, or may pose, a risk to patients;
b. The doctor refuses, or has failed, to follow advice and guidance from his or her own doctor, occupational health adviser or employer.
c. The doctor’s conduct has led to the involvement of the police and/or the courts or raised other concerns.

Holiday Leave
The annual entitlement under Agenda for Change for each full-time member of staff is:
On appointment              27 days + 8 General Public Holidays
After 5 years service 29 days + 8 General Public Holidays
After 10 years service 33 days + 8 General Public Holidays

If concerns speak to CD. If still have concerns anyone can speak to the board.

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