Sunday, 25 May 2014

Dental Blocks

It's on our syllabus that we should be able to do dental nerve blocks - and I suppose we should all be happy to at least give it a try. There are lots of potential dental nerve blocks that can be used. The Oxford Handbook only mentions two of them, so I'm only going to cover those two.

Infraorbital Nerve Block

- Supplies the skin and mucous membrane of the cheek, upper lip, lower eyelid and side of the nose.
- Emerges from the infraorbital foramen (0.5cm below the infraorbital magin and vertically below the pupil).
- Insert the needle into the buccogingival fold between the first and second premolars and direct it up towards the infraorbital foramen.

Mental Nerve Block

- Sensation to the lower lip and the chin
- Emerges from the mental foramen, which is palpable on the mandible on a line between the first and second premolar teeth.
- Block at mental foramen with 1-2ml of LA
- Intraoral or extraoral approach

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