Tuesday, 26 November 2019


Awake and Conscious Patient 
Assess symptoms:
Put the temperature on the gas machine
Look for J waves (osborn). The upward deflection of the terminal S wave (at the junction of the QRS and the ST segment) occurs at or near 32 C. It is first seen in leads II and V6.

Rewarming - consider bypass in cardiac arrest, haemodynamic instability and a core temperature below 32°C, frozen extremities and rhabdomyolysis with hyperkalaemia.
Treat electrolyte disturbances - being careful of hypokalaemia as potassium will increase with re-warming
Remember coagulopathy is common
Haemocrit will rise.

Treat with 40 degrees water, aspirin

In cardiac arrest 
Don't give up too soon. Watch this great youtube video. It's true!

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