Monday, 9 July 2018

Pelvic Binders

Most of our patients come in with their binders already on, but sometimes we do have to apply them.

- tamponade blood
 (yet pelvis has space for a baby and a beer filled bladder)
- oppose bone ends and stop bleeding

Why not
There is no evidence that pelvic binders are harmful when applied to patients with proximal femur or acetabular fracture.
They can cause pressure necrosis
Depending on the mechanism, they may make the injury worse.

Strip patient - should be to skin
Roll patient to 15 degrees
Put folded binder underneath buttocks

Apply over the greater trochanter or symphysis pubis
Minimise patient movement - ideally they should be scooped on.

SAM Splint:
  Feed black strap through the buckle
  Pull black and orange in opposite directions

Pregnancy - should be OK if applied correctly

Good Resources’t-forget-the-kidneys/ 

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