Sunday, 7 June 2015

e-FAST - Pneumothorax

We've talked about we need to put the "E" into it. The E wasn't taught to me in my course, and isn't mentioned on the college e-learning module, but it is on their checklist to be assessed for competence...

- Ideally you need a linear probe
- Place the probe in the 2nd or 3rd IC space, midclavicular line, and slide caudally.
Bat Sign - the top rib looks like a bat flying out of the screen
- Then look in the 6th IC space, ant axillary line

Comet Tails - artifacts from the pleural line. Sliding lung and comet tails are normal.
Seashore Sign or waves on a sandy beach- normal lung sliding on M mode.
 - from

  - from

Loss of pleural sliding/ loss of the seashore sign in a spontaneously breathing patient.
This leads to the stratosphere or bar code sign.
No comet tails
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