Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Abdominal Pain

The CEM syllabus is quite vague. There are probably far too many resources out there about abdominal pain. I think the hardest thing is persuading the surgeons to take abdominal pain, especially if bloods aren't abnormal!

elFH (and EnlightenMe)
There are many e-learning modules:
Anorectal disease
Gall Bladder Disease
Urinary Retention

Enlighten Me
Abdominal Pain without Shock module - this was quite basic but a useful reminder of the embryology, and good consolidation.
CEMPaedia on Abdominal Pain
CEMPaedia on Appendicitis
Kidney Stones 
Acute Abdomen
AXR Interpretation - This module was brilliant and covered more than just the basics. A summary card with the stats and pictures (like the PV cards on academic life in EM) would be great.
AXR Quiz - a very useful quiz, with excellent emphasis on what features to look out for. 

Calgary Guide - this website is brilliant for looking at the pathophysiology of disease.
Medical causes of abdominal pain
Emergency Medicine Ireland - If I'd watched this podcast before seeing a patient with abdo pain, I think they'd have been diagnosed. If only I could remember their name!

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